Awakening book for children 0-2 years sea animals

  • 📖 Livre d'éveil pour bébé de 0 à 2 ans, stimulant le développement psychomoteur.
  • 🐘🐢 Jeux interactifs avec animaux et formes pour engager la curiosité et la motricité fine.
  • 🪞 Miroir inclus pour familiariser l'enfant avec son image.
  • 🦜 Exploration tactile à travers différentes textures.
  • 🎓 Inspiré de la méthode Montessori, pour un apprentissage ludique et complet
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This fabric book for babies accompanies the psychomotor development of the child throughout his first and second year. It consists of six stimulating early learning games perfectly adapted to children of this age according to the Montessori -type approach, recognized for its educational benefits for young children.

On the first page of this baby activity book, a camera is revealed which hides a mirror in the lens as well as a space to put a photo. This will give a surprise effect to the child.

Page 2 reveals a teddy bear that hides its face with its 2 paws. This very first game stimulates the child's curiosity and creates a surprise effect called "peak-a-boo!" (Hello! In English). Children discover new emotions at their own pace from the first page of this colorful fabric book.

Pages 3 and 4 are intended to develop the child's fine motor skills . A plane, a boat and a car that your child can slide from right to left. This manual game is designed to refine his sense of touch.-

This awakening book for children aged 0 to 2 ends on pages 5 and 6 where they discover an activity on the theme of sea animals. These 3-dimensional fish of different colors can be detached from this activity in order to so that the child can become familiar with the shapes and get used to removing and putting them back on the support of this activity page.

Product Features :

Scalable: allows you to follow the development of the child

Rich: various activities and colors to stimulate the child

Practical: adapts to beds and prams

Also suitable for 2 year olds

Technical characteristics :

Size: 19.5*21.5cm

Weight: 160g

Pages: 6

Material: silky polyester microfibers, felt accessories and knit fabrics

GTIN: 3770018848068


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Mira Snabi

Livraison hyper rapide , service client qui la répondu dans la
Minute ! Frcht nickel

Marion Pantier
Livre en tissu

J’avais déjà un livre en tissu et mon fils l’aime tellement que j’ai acheté celui de la mer.




Grand succès pour les un an de notre fille !

El Idrissi Felden

Le livre est juste parfait les couleurs les matières ma fille la adopter