Activity book for 3-5 year olds

  • 📖 Livre d'activité en tissu pour enfants de 3 à 5 ans, inspiré de la pédagogie Montessori.
  • 🆎 Alphabet français 3D pour un apprentissage interactif des lettres.
  • 🧵🚗 Activités de psychomotricité fine et jeux de dextérité.
  • 🍓👗 Apprentissage ludique des chiffres et développement de la créativité.
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This fabric activity book accompanies children aged 3 to 5 in their psychomotor development using creative and manual activities. Each of its pages is designed as an awakening game stimulating the child's fine motor skills, at their own pace, through fun games applying Montessori pedagogy.

On the first page of this educational book are the letters of the French alphabet in 3 dimensions. This playful activity accustoms the child to letters and their shapes. He learns by himself to recognize each of the letters on a colored background (yellow, blue, green or red) and to place them in the right place.

The second page of this quiet book is an awakening game working on the child's psychomotricity. This page allows him to open and close a zipper and a press button as well as to attach and detach a small clip belt. The child is also familiar with the yellow car, which he can play with in the activity on the next page.

On the third page of this early learning book, the child can play with a yellow car, driven by a koala, guiding it manually from point A to point B, on a predefined circuit made up of iron-shaped bridges -on horseback. It is a manual activity contributing to the psychomotor development of the child.

On page 4, the child learns to count thanks to a logical activity consisting in associating the number of strawberries on each part of a pie. Each slice of strawberry pie contains a number of strawberries ranging from 1 to 6 in a clockwise direction.

To close this fabric book, pages 5 and 6 are playful and related activities, designed for the development of the child's fine psychomotricity.

On the fifth page, a drying rack with clothes pegs adapted to the hands of the child allows him to work on his dexterity by handling small objects. He can spread out the clothes on the drying rack using the clothes pegs or store them on hangers on page 6. Finally, the child can work on his creativity by dressing two koalas with the clothes that he has spread out and chosen .

Product Features :

Scalable: allows you to follow the development of the child

Rich: various activities and colors to stimulate the child

Practical: adapts to beds and prams

Technical characteristics :

Size: 19.5*21.5cm

Weight: 160g

Pages: 6

Material: silky polyester microfibers, felt accessories and knit fabrics.

GTIN: 3770018848020


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Stella Carli

Je n’ai toujours pas reçu les livres !!

Lorraine Edling
Très bon achat

Très bon achat, très bien pensé
Il manque peut être quelques pages encore
Je reste un peu sur ma faim

Laurette seconde
Cadeau personnalisé

Un livre de jeu , à balader , à regarder , l’enfant trouve les images et crée des histoires .

jessica rocher

Livre d’activités pour enfants de 3-5 ans


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