Activity book for 2-4 year olds

  • 📖 Livre d'activité pour enfants inspiré de la méthode Montessori.
  • 🧩 Jeux de formes et puzzle pour stimuler la logique et la compréhension.
  • 🧮 Apprentissage du dénombrement à travers un boulier interactif.
  • 🛏️👕 Activités de jeu de rôle pour stimuler la curiosité et l'autonomie.
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This fabric awakening book applying Montessori pedagogy accompanies your child from 2 to 4 years old at each phase of his development. It includes educational elements intended to awaken the senses to the rhythm of the child and participates in his psychomotor development!


The first page of this quiet book is a 3D funnel activity. The shapes go from the smallest to the biggest allowing the child to remove and place the shapes in the right place. Your child learns to understand shapes and to place objects according to their size .


On the second page of this awakening book, and in the continuation of the first page on shapes, you will find an activity allowing the child to recognize the different geometric figures present (round, square, star, etc.) and to put them in the right places.

On page 3 of our educational book, there is a puzzle in the shape of animals (elephant, rabbit, panda, etc.) promoting the child's logic . He will learn to solve a puzzle by reforming each animal with the correct piece.


To teach the child to count from 1 to 10 , page 4 is designed in the shape of an abacus in butterfly beads sliding from top to bottom. This activity on the theme of the kite facilitates the understanding of counting for a child from 2 to 4 years old.


On the fifth page of this fabric book, there is a “bedroom” activity where your child can arouse his curiosity by opening the cupboards, lifting the curtains and raising the bed cover! Your child will also be able to play with the different elements on the page such as a little rabbit, a teddy bear and an airplane. To help the child to be organized , this page also contains storage pockets so that he can place the toys once the activity is finished so as not to lose them.


In the sixth and last page of our activity book for children aged 2-4 , you will find a game introducing the child to clothing. This page complements the "bedroom" activity on page 6. The child opens a 3-dimensional closet where he discovers 2 characters, a boy and a girl, and clothes that he can choose for his two new friends !


Product Features:

Scalable: allows you to follow the development of a child from 2 to 4 years old

Rich: various activities and colors to stimulate the child

Practical: transportable and the elements are easily stored


Technical characteristics :

Size: 19.5*21.5cm

Weight: 160g

Pages: 6

Material: silky polyester microfibers, felt accessories and knit fabrics.

GTIN: 3770018848013


Customer Reviews

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Amal Tazi
Excellent 👍

Je recommande vivement les livres d'activité. Ils sont bien faits, ludiques


Mon premier livre d’activité

Camille Rigal

Mon premier livre d’activité


Tout comme le 1er


Je suis très satisfaite des 2 livres que j ai acheté. De très bonne qualité. Mon fils les adorent. Je recommande 😊👍