Kiddy Board Blue - Magnetic Daily Task Board


📋 KIDDY BOARD, un tableau de tâches matinal pour enfants de 3 ans et plus.

🚀 Aide à développer l'autonomie et la mémoire des tâches à accomplir.

🌞 Comprend 6 tâches matinales essentielles : toilettes, petit-déjeuner, coiffure, brossage des dents, habillage et rangement du lit.

🧠 Encourage l'apprentissage tout en s'amusant et l'implication dans les tâches quotidiennes.

🎨 Disponible en plusieurs couleurs pour convenir à tous les goûts.

🏠 Facile à utiliser et à ranger, peut être accroché ou posé sur une étagère.


Do you spend a lot of time explaining to your children the daily tasks from when they wake up in the morning until they go to bed at night? If they have trouble remembering what to do when they wake up, the easiest way would be to make a small to-do list that they can remember easily. We therefore thought of creating an educational board that brings together 6 main tasks that your daughter or son will have to do as soon as they are up in the morning:

- go to the toilet ;

- have breakfast ;

- to brush hair ;

- brush your teeth;

- get dressed ;

- make his bed.

We get it: several educational experts advise parents to involve their children in all the tasks that concern them. And this in order to make them more independent. If it's done in a fun way, even better. Indeed, the little ones learn much better and develop their motor skills and intelligence in complete autonomy if they do things by themselves. The KIDDY BOARDs have been designed and created for children from 3 years old.


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