Activity book for 4-6 year olds

  • 📖 Livre d'éveil pour bébé de 0 à 2 ans, stimulant le développement psychomoteur.
  • 🐘🐢 Jeux interactifs avec animaux et formes pour engager la curiosité et la motricité fine.
  • 🪞 Miroir inclus pour familiariser l'enfant avec son image.
  • 🦜 Exploration tactile à travers différentes textures.
  • 🎓 Inspiré de la méthode Montessori, pour un apprentissage ludique et complet

This fabric educational book promotes the psychomotor development of children from 4 to 6 years old with the help of creative and manual awakening games. On each page of this quiet book, there is a stimulating activity that adapts to the child's learning pace, following the educational principles of the Montessori method.

The first two pages of this activity book allow the child to become familiar with the different forms that the letters of the French alphabet can take: uppercase, lowercase, cursive and script. On page 1 are the letters of the alphabet in order in uppercase and script. Each of these letters has a scratch where you can put the letters of the alphabet in a different form of writing. The other letters of different sizes are located in three zipped pockets on page 2 of this book. A first pocket contains lowercase script letters, the second, the uppercase letters of the alphabet in cursive writing and the third, the lowercase letters in cursive writing.

On pages 3 and 4 of this activity book, the child learns to tell the hour and the minutes with the help of creative and stimulating games. On page 3 is a clock with classic hands. The child can first have fun turning the hands to understand how to read the hours, then he can detach the colored 3-dimensional crystals that hide the minutes. These detachable ice-cream objects reveal the minutes of a classic clock (every 5 minutes) one by one as they are removed from the clock.

On page 4, an early learning game teaches the child to recognize the key times of the day, such as wake-up time at 8.05 a.m. and lunch time at 12 p.m. Thus, he learns to associate the placement of the hands of a clock with the time in digital format by placing each clock in the right place.

Pages 5 and 6 of this awakening book develop the child's logical mind through mathematics. Page 5 is made up of a pocket where the numbers are stored as well as the sign of addition and subtraction that he can place on Velcro supports in order to carry out his own mathematical operations. Right next to this page is an activity in the shape of a candy jar in two different colors allowing the child to respond to the operations on the previous page.

Pages 7 and 8 focus on developing the child's creativity. On page 7, he discovers several shapes inspired by origami (the art of Japanese folded paper) that he can reproduce on page 8 using geometric shapes that are assembled on a scratch surface.

Product Features :

Scalable: allows you to follow the development of the child

Rich: various activities and colors to stimulate the child

Practical: adapts to beds and prams

Also suitable for 6 year olds

Technical characteristics :

Size: 19.5*21.5cm

Weight: 230g

Pages: 8

Material: silky polyester microfibers, felt accessories and knit fabrics.

GTIN: 3770018848037


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Très bien.
Mon enfant de 5 ans apprécie beaucoup la page d'initiation au calcul et celle avec les lettres.
Nous sommes deçu du tangram, car les dimensions des pièces n'est pas standart (le petit carré et les deux petits triangles sont trop petits). On ne peut pas par exemple reconstituer le carré classique du tangram.


Conforme à la description


Mon fils va adorer, ludique.


La qualité de l'article est conforme aux photos. Livre très chouette 😊. J'attends avec impatience l'anniversaire de ma fille pour voir s'il lui plaît.


Toujours aussi joli